In all transactions involving money or anything of value, even when dealing with freebies Canada, I always suggest that one be cautious and careful not to be scammed. It seems hard to imagine how one would be scammed over freebies, but it may happen. One has to remember that not all freebies are completely free. Also, one has to put in mind that some freebies are conditional and some are given as a form of a bonus.


Being Cautious

It is uncanny how those people with criminal minds can come up with sly ways to rob someone of his money, property or life. That is why we have to always be a few steps ahead of them. Here are some possible scams involving freebies and ways to avoid them.


Scam On Freebies Canada #1

This may be a little tacky, but when torn between two competing stores, I always choose to do business with the one who offers a better and/or more valuable freebie. I know that sounds like I’m just after the free stuff. But I’d like to think I’m just being an extra wise shopper.

There is a possible scam in this scenario, though. After paying for the item, the freebie might not be what was promised or what was advertised. For some, this might not matter. But for those who made the purchase in consideration of the freebie, this might be a bit of an annoying situation. And what’s worse is that, complaining would seem distasteful as it was just really a freebie.

To avoid this kind of scam, asking to see for the freebie before making the purchase might not be a bad idea.


Scam On Freebies Canada #2

Freebies CanadaThis scam is part of the unlikely scenario that is worth exploring, just in case it does happen. When someone said they are giving away a consumable freebie, there is a chance that they will ask for payment after the product has been consumed.

For example, an ice cream vendor in the park would holler something that suggests that one tries his product. He did not actually say it is for free but he makes it appear that way. Then the person agrees to try one, and as he is eating the ice cream, the vendor would ask for the payment. There will be a cheap argument over a dollar that the customer would simply yield to avoid embarrassment.

To avoid this kind of scam, one must clarify whether the product is indeed free or for a fee.


Scam On Freebies In Canada #3

Freebies CanadaAnother possible form of scam, though not involving robbing someone of money, is when someone asks a person to attend an event described as something else. And because of the handsome freebie that will come after the event, one said yes to the invite.

Let me give a specific scenario for this possible scam. A realtor asked someone to attend a party where there will be exhibits showing the properties for sale. Then when the person arrives at the location, it is not a simple viewing event but an event filled with hard-sellers who will not take no for an answer. After three hours of listening to them while trying to get out, one might say, “Is the freebies Canada worth it?”